Sagging skin and facial wrinkles are inevitable and cannot be prevented. However, they can be treated medically in order to achieve firmer and youthful-looking skin. There are a number of treatments available, and one cutting-edge minimally invasive option is INTRAcel microneedling.

What Is INTRAcel Microneedling?

INTRAcel microneedling incorporates two skin-tightening techniques – microneedling and radiofrequency treatment – to rejuvenate your skin tissues. This new and innovative treatment procedure works at the cellular level by stimulating the production of collagen, a protein that helps to create youthful skin.

Collagen levels get depleted as one gets old, which is the reason behind many signs of ageing. INTRAcel microneedling ensures that the body naturally produces collagen to improve skin texture and get rid of ageing signs like wrinkles and sagging skin.

Microneedling involves the use of a handpiece containing numerous tiny needles that create microscopic controlled injuries in the skin. This type of treatment encourages the body to produce growth factors to repair the tiny injuries. The growth factors, which include collagen, ensure skin rejuvenation. Because of this, the treatment is classified as a collagen-stimulation procedure.

The radiofrequency energy pulses used in INTRAcel microneedling break down old and damaged collagen fibers in a targeted approach. This immediately leads to the production of new collagen in the tissues.

How Is the INTRAcel Microneedling Treatment Performed?

After a local or topical anesthetic is applied to the targeted area to numb it, the microneedles are inserted into the area being treated. This is done with a minimally invasive approach so that there is no damage to the epidermis layer of the skin. The microneedles are insulated at the tip for greater safety. The pulses of radiofrequency energy are then applied. After 30 minutes, treatment is complete.

Results of the Procedure

INTRAcel microneedling is quite effective. This is in part because of the two treatment methods it employs and in part because it does not inject any artificial chemicals. Instead, it encourages the body to produce natural substances that make the skin firm and youthful-looking.

There is no surgery involved, so you will not need to deal with a period of downtime and recovery. There will also be no incisions or scalpels used.

Apart from skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, the overall texture of the skin is improved with this treatment. The procedure can also be used to treat acne, as the radiofrequency waves destroy the bacteria that cause acne. Even large skin pores can be addressed using INTRAcel microneedling.

Its results last for many months, sometimes up to a year. Usually, the effects of the treatment can be seen after completing just one session. Depending on the extent of skin problems, more than one treatment session may be required.

Try This New Treatment for Yourself

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