What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a structure occurring as a result of impaired blood and lymphatic circulation of subcutaneous fat cell groups called adipocytes and it especially occurs in women. The fibrotic bands developing over time among the fat cell groups in the region with involved blood and lymphatic circulation cause pitting and an orange peel appearance on the skin.

What Are The Causes Of Cellulite?

The inherent structure of women’s skin: Nine out of ten women have this problem. Hormonal causes: Excessive increase in folliculin (FSH) hormone which is secreted from the ovaries in women and which forms a basis for cellulitis production with its water retention characteristic. Genetic factors can be linked to cellulite for example, a person’s metabolism, distribution of fat under the skin, ethnicity, and circulatory levels.

Cellulite Occurs In Which Areas?

  • The upper part of the thigh
  • Inner parts of the knee and ankle
  • Posterior part of the buttock and calves

How To Avoid Cellulite?

By consuming low-calorie foods and exercising regularly. Excessive weight forms a more suitable basis for cellulite. Taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals can help. Vitamin A and E smooth the skin, magnesium activates the metabolism, phosphorus and calcium strengthen the tissues. Eat white and red radishes, parsley, celery, strawberries, and rice, for the body to expel excess water.

Do Weight Loss Diets Resolve Cellulite?

No, cellulite requires special treatment.

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