Loss of Elasticity (Loose Skin)


Why do we lose skin elasticity?

Everything starts at the cell level. A cell grows, ages and dies. Skin cells of course also have this cycle. The main cells of the skin, collagen and elastin cells, also go through this cycle in the aging process. There are factors that accelerate this cycle. Reduction of main elements in the skin, accumulation of oxidants, mistakes in diets, etc.

Many methods can be used to prevent loss of elasticity. However, if someone wants to have a healthier skin and look better than his/her chronological age, first he/she needs to eliminate the factors that accelerate cell death and prevent cell turnover.

  • Healthy Eating
  • Oxidants that accumulate on the skin should be removed
  • Essential elements on the skin which are reduced over time should be restored

In fact, these are included in the treatment protocol for Loss of Elasticity. However, it should not be forgotten that these are the main rules which we should always follow in order not to go through the same problems and live a quality life both in terms of our general health and our skin health and beauty.

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