Saggy Breasts


What is a saggy breast?

Gravity: The most commonly encountered reason of saggy breasts is the gravity. Normally, breasts have a certain weight. The breasts sag downward in time with the effect of gravity due to its structure. This problem becomes more noticeable in the advancing ages. In order to reduce this effect, the experts recommend using an appropriate bra.

Excessive weight gain and loss: This may cause sagging in the breasts as in every part of the body. When someone who gained excessive weight loses this weight, the skin which stretches while overweight cannot recover itself when the weight is lost. In this case, the problem called sagging breast is experienced. It is nearly impossible to avoid this in people especially who often gain and lose weight.

Aging: Advancing age refers to a change in the hormonal balance of the body. Since this can lead to a decrease in the breast tissue, it causes sagging. The breasts appearing perky at younger ages begin to sag downward with the effect of aging and gravity.

Due to Breastfeeding: During breastfeeding period, the filling and emptying of the lactiferous ducts of in the breast is a repetitive situation. The skin getting stretched when the lactiferous ducts are filled has difficulty in getting its previous form upon the emptying of the ducts. This repetitive action can cause the problem of sagging breast over time. This problem occurs more easily especially in older mothers.

Hereditary Factors: The most important reason of sagging breast occurring at early ages is hereditary factors. The weakness of the connective tissues carrying the breasts can cause sagging occur at an early age.

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