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Frequently women are suffering from Labia Majora (Outer Lips) skin relaxation, described as saggy skin or broken balloon shape. This results shape alteration of the external genitalia which might be noticeable by the women her self but also by others. From the functional point of view, saggy hanging labia can result to excessive sweating, and thus contribute to unpleasant odour developing in the sensitive area and also could cause local infections.


  • Labia Majora Lifting
  • Remove excess vaginal skin


Labia Majora Lifting

Labia Majora Lifting procedure aims to enhance and restore the appearance of the Labia Majora (Outer vaginal lips). This impressive procedure focuses on the volume reduction of the Labia Majora. The special technique Dr. Bader performs is invisible scars which will not be detected few weeks after the procedure. Cutting-edge technologies are used from Dr. Bader for the best precise results. Laser and Radiofrequency technologies are at Dr. Bader expertise filed. He considered as one of the pioneers on Cosmetic Gynaecology worldwide. He developed and registered many techniques under his name. His techniques are subject of training programs for young surgeons who are looking to get training in this filed.

At Bader Medical Institute of London, our expert surgeon will consider your case individually and you will have your unique approach as every patient is unique and with different demands and needs.

Regardless of the specific requirements you may have, get in touch with us regarding Labiaplasty services, let Dr. Bader assist you, as always, with professionalism and experience. When you have your consultation with Dr. Bader, he will explain to you with details all the options for your case, he will show you before and after photos from his own portfolio and he will help you to take the right decision for your prospect procedure.

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