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Lipocel is a non-surgical method enabling an effective body contouring with the elimination of undesired subcutaneous fat tissue by creating high-intensity energy originating from the focused ultrasound.

Lipocel® with high-focused ultrasound and its patented cooling technology, eliminates fat tissues which enables losing one or two dress size in a single session lasting only 30 to 45 minutes.


  • Excess Fat
  • Body Shaping
  • Cellulite

What is LIPOcel®? | Dr. Vincent Wong

Many men and women had to resort to surgical methods such as liposuction, laser lipolysis due to desperateness in case of fat deposition in certain regions despite diet and exercise. Now there is a scalpel-free solution for regional thinning. And this method provides to drop one or two dress sizes in a thirty-minute session. The procedure is a painless method not influencing daily living. This innovative device named Lipocel is a high-tech system with a high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology and a special cooling head.

The high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), one of the flash technological solutions of aesthetic dermatology in recent years, has been successfully used in non-surgical face lifting. Now, it is used in body contouring.

After identifying the protruding areas occurring as a result of regional fat deposition, Lipocel, a HIFU device focusing to a depth of 13 mm beneath the skin allows the removal of undesired fat cells by heat damage in the area it focuses on. Thereby, obtaining a flattening equivalent to the regional thinning that can be obtained by surgical procedures becomes possible without surgery with a 30-minute procedure. The pain or problems on the skin surface that may occur during the procedure are completely resolved by the special cooling handpiece. In addition to this, subcutaneous collagen supportive tissue is stimulated and a more tense skin is obtained.

It is natural that it takes time to metabolize and remove cellular debris occurring beneath the skin. Usually, the wastes of the fat cells destroyed are cleaned from the subcutaneous tissue within a month. The settlement of the renewed supportive tissue takes three months. That is the ideal outcome which is observed in three months.

Such kind of body shaping techniques should not be considered as a losing weight method. However, it is difficult to dissolve the fat deposits in certain regions despite losing weight. In this case, it is a good method for final corrections.

What are the treatable areas?

  • Love Handles
  • Abdomen
  • Thigh
  • Arm
  • Polymastia
  • Gynecomastia

Ideal candidates for Lipocel include anyone who does not have excessive weight, but is not very thin either and who complains about regional fat deposition. The body mass index should be below 30. It is applied to people who have difficulty in adapting fitness and diet regulations, but who wants regional thinning and whose fat thickness is at least 1 cm. It is not applied to pregnant women, those with the possibility of pregnancy, those with a body mass index above 30, those with large wound or burn marks on the treatment area, those with excessive loose tissues due to weight loss, those on blood thinning medication, and those with systemic disease


  • Effective
  • Short duration of procedure (approximately 30 minutes for one region)
  • Non-invasive
  • Quick result in a single session
  • Immediate return to daily life

We at Bader Medical can say in confidence that LIPOcel® is the ideal treatment option for people who want a body shaping procedure.

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What is LIPOcel®? | Dr. Vincent Wong

LIPOcel® | Fat Reduction Treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

This application, which is quite simple, takes a time period as short as a lunchtime break.
In general, you get in a state to be able to wear one or two size smaller clothes.
Lipocel application has no side effect. Furthermore, since it is not a surgical procedure, it does not have any negative effect on your daily routine after the application.
Although the results are obtained right after the application, the best results are obtained within 8-12 weeks. This is the time period necessary for the body to expel the fat cells destroyed from the system.
Since Lipocel is not a direct surgical procedure such as vacuum fat removal applied to the body and it is a method based on only destroying fat cells with ultrasound wave energy without direct contact with the body, it is a completely safe procedure.