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Who are we?

Bader Medical Institute of London is an exclusive medical facility located in the heart of London’s medical district. Bader MIL is dedicated to offer special medical and aesthetic services and aims to deliver unique solutions using cutting edge technologies. Our doctors are globally renowned and with high reputation in the international arena on their specific area of expertise.

dr alex bader

Dr. Alex Bader receiving the award for Best Aesthetic Gynecology Results in Las Vegas.


Our Services

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction and Cosmetic Gynecology

 Modern women are seeking better function, appearance or both. When precise reconstructive pelvic floor surgery  is offered from the hands of an expert it could transform the quality of life of those women. Successful procedures would increase functionality and patients confidence. At Bader Medical Institute of London, our world class experts offer Innovative techniques for better results. So, if you have any concern about the function or appearance of your intimate area, you can trust Bader Medical Institute of London.


We offer the full list of diagnostics on Gynecology. Our expert Dr. Maria Papadopoulou is a highly trained OB&GYN with 10 years of experience. If you are looking for a gynecologist with deep knowledge or if you fade up with up and forth undiagnosed problems, Dr. Maria is your choice. Her dedication to the patients alongside with her continuous training on the latest updates in this filed give her a special ability to be one of the best in UK in this field.

Anti-Ageing Medicine

Facing the age and the demand of everyone to look younger is one of the modern life style habits. Basically, ageing process is associated with multi external factors which might affect how we look but the most important factors are coming from inside our body itself. Hormonal function plays the most important role in the cellular ageing process. Hormonal imbalance could be the reason of having wrinkled face or dry skin, gaining weight, losing hair or even lacking libido! Thanks to the evolution on the medical field, all these problems could be solved with a very simple way. All what you need to do is to find the correct doctor who has the deep knowledge of hormonal function but also has the knowledge on how to balance them. At Bader Medical Institute of London, Dr. Maria Papadopoulou is our expert. Dr. Maria is one of the few Board Certified in Anti-Ageing Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy “BHRT”. She is certified from The American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine A4M and she is affiliated with the best compounding pharmacies in the world. Visiting Dr. Maria, would guarantee amazingly better quality of life with safety.

Meet the Bader Medical Team

Alex Bader, MD
Dr. Alex Bader

Alex (GMC Reg No: 4469818 Under Surname: Banter) (DHA Reg No: MS0641-10)countries with an experience over 20 years has performed over 3,000 operations worldwide.
Dr. Alex is the President of European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology(ESAG).
Maria Papadopoulou, MD
Dr. Maria Papadopoulou

Maria(GMC Reg No: 6153555)  is a dedicated gynaecologist and anti-ageing specialist recognised by the ABAARM (American Board of Anti-Ageing and Retrograde Medicine).
Dr. Maria is also the Vice-President of European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology(ESAG).
Beata Kozak
Senior Aesthetician

Beata is a dedicated Skin Specialist with over 15 years of experience and expert knowledge in skin health and beauty. With an unmissable passion for skincare, she has mastered an understanding of different skin types and their requirements. She offers advanced laser treatments, creating bespoke facials, tailored to a variety of needs including, hydration, rejuvenation, acne or just a glow before an evening out.
Medical Advisor

Penny is the dedicated medical advisor to our patients in the clinic. She is a certified nurse with more than 20+ years of experience and +10 years in aesthetic gynecology field. Penny is the energetic and cheerful soul of our clinic.


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