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Vaginoplasty, also known as Vaginal Tightening, is a delicate surgical procedure aiming to tighten lax muscles and tissues, remove excess vaginal skin and narrow the diameter of the entire vaginal canal resulting in a smaller and tighter opening and full vagina.

Through this surgical procedure and the associated muscle tone strengthening and skin tightening, you can expect a dramatic increase in your sexual pleasure quality.

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A woman’s body will change in many different ways throughout her lifetime. However, a significant life event like giving birth can cause a woman’s body. In a large percentage of women, the tissues of the vaginal area are stretched during childbirth. Thus the muscular strength and natural tone of the vaginal muscles are significantly decreased/faded. In such cases, The Bader Medical Institute in London can help women experiencing this problem rejuvenate the vaginal area through a procedure known as laser vaginoplasty.


  • Tighten lax muscles and tissues
  • Narrow the diameter of the entire vaginal canal

What to Expect During Your Vaginoplasty?

An expert surgeon usually performs the procedure, and it has to be in a proper surgical setup. It lasts about 1 hour, and the patient can return to her daily activities a few days later. Thanks to the newest technologies and tools in the medical field, this procedure has become much easier and much less painful compared to the traditional colporrhaphy. Lasers and Radiofrequency are involved in performing the procedure, and the results are worthy.

Candidates for Vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a suitable procedure for women who suffer from vaginal relaxation, which could be caused by multiple childbirths, hereditary factors, lack of exercise, and fluctuations in weight. We’ll perform an initial examination of your body and ask about your medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for Vaginoplasty. Ideal patients should be in good general health and have realistic expectations.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    This procedure is suitable for women suffering from vaginal relaxation, which could be caused by multiple childbirths, hereditary factors, or the modern way of life (i.e. lack of exercise, sudden large-scale weight loss, smoking, etc.).
    Laser Vaginoplasty is undoubtedly superior and more advantageous than the traditional method of colporrhaphy, even when a medical grid is used. However, using a foreign object (grid) in this sensitive area may cause a permanent and unpleasant sensation during sexual intercourse in the post-operation period, especially in the cases of particularly active women sexually. This situation is attributed to mucosal erosion of the area, contributing to site hypersensitivity and pain associated with friction. On the contrary, no foreign objects are used when Vaginoplasty takes place, and the tissues are quickly restored to a tighter, less relaxed state. As such, a female patient in the post-operation period will be able to increase her sexual gratification and enjoy her body exponentially.
    This particular cosmetic surgery procedure can expect a dramatic increase in pleasure achieved during sexual intercourse and a notable improvement in your orgasmic frequency and intensity.
    Laser operations are superior to traditional, scalpel-based procedures. Using laser equipment, a wholly blood-free and painless procedure becomes possible. Surgical incisions and tissue removal using laser offer extreme precision and guarantee a natural result without scars or bruises formed in the area. Recovery and return to daily activities in a usual manner both happen quickly following the operation. The specific laser equipment used in operations is a low-voltage laser, unable to cause any tissue damage and is not associated with dangerous results.
    The procedure's duration – which, depending on location, is performed either at our clinic or a suitably equipped external clinic - ranges from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the individual case.
    Mr Bader is an expert in vaginal surgery, cosmetic operations in the vaginal and perineal areas, anatomic malformations of the regions, and urine incontinence. He is an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon with extensive surgical experience, operating in three countries regularly and elsewhere on request. Mr Bader is a pioneer in his field and maintains a regular presence in international conferences and symposia. He shares new developments in techniques and procedures with world-class cosmetic surgeons.
    Cost is individually quoted depending on each patient's specific needs and conditions. Learn more about pricing.
    Stem cell vaginal rejuvenation aims to increase the elasticity of the vaginal mucosa and make a healthier sexual life a reality. The procedure is particularly recommended for women facing intense problems with vaginal dryness or wishing to enhance their sexual gratification. Should sexual gratification enhancement be the procedure's objective, stem cell, vaginal rejuvenation can be combined with a stem cell transfer and infusion in the clitoris area to increase its sensitivity. Vaginoplasty can furthermore take place alongside stem cell vaginal rejuvenation to ensure the most far-reaching and perfect results.
    Stem cell vaginal rejuvenation begins with small-scale liposuction from an appropriate body location (e.g. belly, thighs, etc.). Following this, the collected fat is processed using advanced medical equipment, and the elements containing stem cells are properly isolated. Then, stem cells are collected and infused inside the appropriate areas of the vagina in the final stage of the procedure.
    Stem cell vaginal rejuvenation usually takes place under local anaesthesia or light sedation. This method has the advantage of not requiring the patient's prolonged stay in the clinic, and complete recovery is generally accelerated.
    The procedure's duration – which, depending on location, is performed either at our clinic or at a suitably equipped external clinic - is usually 1.5 hours but may be adjusted depending on the individual case.

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