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With EMSCULPT NEO in London, you can achieve optimal fat reduction and muscle building results thanks to advanced cosmetic technology. Bader Medical Institute of London offers this non-invasive body contouring treatment option under the patient-focused leadership of Dr. Alexander Bader and Dr. Maria Papadopoulou.




The EMSCULPT NEO body shaping device emits radiofrequency (RF) and high-energy focused electromagnetic (HIFEM+) energies. These forces combine to simultaneously eliminate fat cells and develop your muscles for efficient body sculpting in target areas like the:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Calves


EMSCULPT NEO treatment areas


Emsculpt Neo screenPairing RF and HIFEM+ energies into a single treatment allows EMSCULPT NEO to both destroy adipose cells and strengthen and tone muscles. This makes EMSCULPT NEO a particularly efficient body contouring treatment for speeding up and enhancing the results patients strive for with regular workouts and following a healthy diet.

The RF energy transmitted by the device works to cause apoptosis, or controlled cell death, in the unwanted fat deposits. Dieting and exercising can only shrink fat cells, so using RF allows the body to actually remove fat cells permanently through metabolic processes.

The administration of RF also increases muscle temperature, which works to prepare the targeted muscles for the intense contractions stimulated by the HIFEM+ energy, similar to a warmup before an intense workout. HIFEM+ energy causes supramaximal muscle contractions that cannot be initiated voluntarily.

The treated muscle fibers have to adapt rapidly to the extreme contractions induced by the HIFEM+ energy. The body’s response to this controlled muscular stress triggers a more robust production of muscular tissue, supporting accelerated muscle growth.


Am I a Good Candidate for EMSCULPT NEO?

Many men and women looking for a quick, powerful, and non-surgical body sculpting procedure are great candidates for EMSCULPT NEO. However, one of the body shaping experts at the Bader Medical Institute of London will need to assess your aesthetic concerns to determine if EMSCULPT NEO is the best treatment approach for your needs.

Due to the use of HIFEM+, EMSCULPT NEO cannot be performed in areas of the body where a patient has metallic and/or electronic implants. Be sure to provide complete and accurate health information during your consultation, so we can design a safe treatment plan for you.

It is important that candidates are close to the ideal weight for their frame as EMSCULPT NEO is not intended for patients with a body mass index (BMI) over 35. Additionally, though this treatment can successfully reduce the number of fat cells at the treatment site and boost a patient’s metabolism by increasing muscle mass, EMSCULPT NEO must not be confused for a weight loss treatment.

Even if you are already happy with your body’s fat distribution and only want muscle gain, you may still be a candidate for EMSCULPT NEO. In these cases, treatment sessions that only involve the use of HIFEM+ may be advised.


Female patient receiving EMSCULPT NEO treatment in the abdomen

What to Expect During an EMSCULPT NEO Session

First, each EMSCULPT NEO applicator will be placed on the desired treatment area. Next, the applicators simultaneously emit RF and HIFEM+ at levels customized to your needs, causing fat cell apoptosis and muscular contractions. You will feel a warming sensation with the RF heat and will feel your muscles contract, but pain is typically not associated with this treatment.

I am very satisfied with my visit at Bader Medical Centre. The place is very beautiful and it makes you feel comfortable. Doctor Maria is an amazing doctor, very professional and reassuring and her advice is very helpful. The staff is also very polite and helpful. I am glad that i found this clinic in London.


What to Expect After an EMSCULPT NEO Session

There is no necessary recovery period for an EMSCULPT NEO session, so you can return to your daily routine after your treatment. For the next day or two, you may feel like you got a really good workout or put in a hard day at work, with manageable, mild muscle soreness that gradually subsides.

Multiple sessions are usually recommended for maximum improvements with EMSCULPT NEO. We can determine the necessary number and frequency of your visits during your consultation, based on your treatment goals.

EMSCULPT NEO and EMTONE before and after photo in London
EMSCULPT NEO and EMTONE before and after photo in London


How Much Does an EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Cost?

The cost of EMSCULPT NEO depends on how many areas of the body are receiving care and the number of sessions required. Specific price details for your body sculpting protocol will be calculated and reviewed with you during your consultation.


Achieve a More Confident You!

To find out if EMSCULPT NEO in London is the best way for you to attain the toned, sculpted body and confidence boost you desire, contact the Bader Medical Institute of London today to schedule your initial consultation. Our knowledgeable, caring team looks forward to helping you reach your body shaping goals with this exciting treatment!

Our goal here at Bader Medical Institute of London is protect the health of our patients and staff. We will continue to care for patients by taking all necessary precautions and strictly adhering to the guidelines set by the CDC. COVID-19 is dynamic situation so we will closely monitoring the situation on a daily basis as new findings emerge. To schedule a virtual consultation, please email us at: admin@badermedical.com

Together we will focus on remaining healthy!

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