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Excess skin on the sides of the clitoris often causes the clitoris to look enlarged or uneven. In addition, congenital problems or testosterone exposure can significantly change how the clitoral area appears. This issue is often combined with a malformation of the labia minora (smaller interior vaginal lips), which can be asymmetric or hypertrophic.

As a result of malformations of this type, women may be frustrated with the exterior appearance of their vagina and clitoris – when observing themselves in the mirror -, and of course, face day-to-day functional issues, such as being uncomfortable when wearing tight clothes, which tend to increase friction in the area around the clitoris.

Our experts agree on the importance of the female clitoris as an essential element of a woman’s day-to-day routine and an instrument of her sexual pleasure. Studies have shown that a certain percentage of the female population is considered “clitoral”, making use of their clitoris as a method to achieve sexual gratification and orgasm. The opposite term refers to “vaginal” women who reach a greater degree of sexual gratification by using vaginal stimuli during sexual intercourse.


  • Asymmetric Labia Minora
  • Remove excess vaginal skin
  • uncomfortable when wearing tight clothes


The clitoral Hoodectomy procedure aims to enhance and restore the appearance of the upper part of the Vulvar area “Clitoris”. The procedure focuses on the surgical size reduction of the clitoral hood. At the same time, the procedure also focuses on the functional part, enhancing, significantly, the clitoral sexual pleasure.

Mr Bader uses cutting-edge technologies for the best precise results. The particular technique Mr Bader performs is invisible scars which will not be detected a few weeks after the procedure. Mr Bader uses advanced technologies for the best precise results. Laser and Radiofrequency technologies are in Mr Bader’s expertise field. He is considered one of the pioneers of Cosmetic Gynaecology worldwide. He developed and registered many techniques under his name. His methods are the subject of training programs for young surgeons looking to get training in this field.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Clitoral Hoodectomy is performed using special High technology Laser equipment, which is scientifically used to remove specific amounts of excess tissue present in the area and rejuvenate and restore tissue that remains in the place. Following this procedure, tissues are converged using fragile and invisible stitches that the human body absorbable within a short time. In all our Clinics, the Clitoral Hoodectomy procedure is carried out only by Mr Bader himself.

    Laser operations are superior to traditional, scalpel-based procedures. Using laser equipment, a wholly blood-free and painless procedure becomes possible. Surgical incisions and tissue removal using laser offer extreme precision and guarantee a natural result without scars or bruises formed in the area. Recovery and return to daily activities in a usual manner both happen quickly following the operation. The specific laser equipment used in operations is a low-voltage laser, unable to cause any tissue damage and is not associated with dangerous results.

    Mr Bader is an expert in vaginal surgery, cosmetic operations in the vaginal and perineal areas, anatomic malformations of the regions, and urine incontinence. He is an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon with extensive surgical experience, operating in three countries regularly and elsewhere on request. Mr Bader is a pioneer in his field and maintains a regular presence in international conferences and symposia. He shares new developments in techniques and procedures with world-class cosmetic surgeons.

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