G-Spot Augmentation Surgery in London

The term “G-Spot” is named after the German medical practitioner Dr Gräfenberg, a well-respected German doctor who described the concept of G-Spot as it is known nowadays. From a scientific point of view, G-Spot refers to the point which is anatomically placed on the front inner wall of the female vagina, within 4-5 cm from its entry point and is matched with the lower inner border of the pubic symphysis.


  • increase the sensitivity of the G-spot

G-Spot Enhancement

The Vaginal orgasm seems much more complicated and reachable in compression with the clitoral one. The fact that ordinary people are not familiar with the anatomical structure of the endovaginal canal makes it even more challenging to detect. The theory about the existence of the G-Spot started many years ago. Many physicians and sexologists have been involved in investigating this spot/point.

In the upper part of the vagina, a few cm beyond the urethral open, there is a nerve complex that is anatomically connected to the clitoral body and plays the role during the vaginal orgasm. This spot/point, when it is irritated, potentially will lead to intense vaginal orgasm and ejaculation.

The G-Spot Amplification® aims to enhance this area by injecting filling material in a certain way and with a particular volume. The procedure is a minor office procedure, done with local anaesthesia and takes 8 minutes to be completed. Patients can enjoy the G-Spot Amplification® results after a few hours from the application and might repeat the treatment after six months.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    G-Spot Enhancement is a simple, non-intrusive and painless procedure in our clinics and lasts some 15 minutes. The time required to infuse collagen on the G-spot is only 10 seconds. It is worth mentioning that a portion of the total procedure includes measurements being taken using a unique vaginal expander to locate the G-spot, which is slightly different in terms of positioning among the female population. Once it is found, the necessary collagen quantity is infused, unique for each patient according to her specific anatomical features.
    The impressive results of G-Spot enhancement may be sustained for up to 8 months following the procedure.
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