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Cellulitis is a structure occurring as a result of impaired blood and lymphatic circulation of subcutaneous fat cell groups called adipocytes and it especially occurs in women. The fibrotic bands developing over time among the fat cell groups in the region with involved blood and lymphatic circulation cause pitting and orange peel appearance on the skin.


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Cellulite Treatment

Having a beautiful and well-proportioned body shape is the common desire of many women. The appearance of cellulite or orange peel is encountered as an undesired and commonly faced problem by women. While we should support our body with an active life and exercise, proper diet and living conditions apart from the genetic characteristics, the living and working conditions getting increasingly difficult affect our lifestyle, general health status and overall appearance of our body negatively. The weight gains and losses over the years, inadequate exercise, pregnancy, hormonal changes and some diseases impairs our body. When circulatory failure and inability to eliminate toxins added on, the problem of cellulitis comes up. Apart from its unpleasant appearance, it may cause pain in some patients. Today, cellulite has become an important issue for women in terms of aesthetics and health.

Thanks to the increasing treatment and technology options for getting rid of cellulitis, it’s now easier to eliminate the orange peel appearance and to preserve the results. It is very important for patients to take an effective role at the point of preserving the results. When it is combined with regular exercise and active living, balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, the results turn from long-lasting into permanent.


The formation of cellulite begins with circulatory impairment. As a result of this, the serum leaking from the vessel wall accumulates within the tissue spaces and creates the tissue edema. On one hand, edema leads to interruption between the blood and fat cells and impairment in the metabolism of the fat cells, on the other hand it stiffens connective tissue by impairing its structure. As a consequence, the nodules which are composed of excessively-enlarged fat tissue cells, which are surrounded by fibrous bands and which lost its elasticity emerge. These nodules cause an orange peel appearance over the skin. At further stages, as the process continues, the nodules form larger nodules by adhering to each other and causes the skin to have a padded appearance. At this stage, pain may occur as a result of the compression of the nodules on the nerves.

Our Solutions:

  •  Accent Prime®
  • Biodermogenesi®

LIPOcel Body HIFU System: LIPOcel HIFU technology, which has the highest power in the sector with 150 J/cm2, provides side effect-free applications with the patented cooling technology. LIPOcel clearly breaking up the fat cells and tissue with cellulitis works with a focus depth of 13mm, 11mm and 8mm. Thereby, it is used in the regions with thick and thinner fat tissues.

Biodermogenesi Method: The Biodermogenesi Method, which provides advanced stretching and tightening using electromagnetic waves, removes the appearance with cellulitis by simultaneously breaking up the fibrotic tissues and increasing circulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The upper part of the thigh, inner parts of the knee and ankle, posterior part of the buttock and calves, and upper legs …

By feeding with low-calorie foods and not getting excess weight. Excessive weight forms a more suitable basis for cellulitis. By exercising, for example; jogging, cycling, swimming, gymnastics … Also, take vitamin and mineral. Vitamin A and E smoothen the skin, magnesium activates the metabolism, phosphorus and silicium strengthen the tissues. Eat white and red radishes, parsley, celery, strawberries, and rice for the body to expel excess water.

No, cellulite is resistant to all losing weight diets. It requires special treatment, it does not resolve spontaneously.

Yes, cellulitis can occur in thin and even in skinny women.

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