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The hymen, or vaginal hymen, is a membrane which is anatomically positioned close to the entry point of the vagina. Girls or young women who have not yet begun their sexual activity have an intact hymen, in most of the cases. However, there are situations which may lead to an accidental hymen breaking, during intense physical activities such as exercise, sports, riding a bicycle, etc. A hymen may also break as a result of a severe fall, an injury or even as a result of masturbation.

Furthermore, in certain cultures or religions, it is expected from a young woman to have her hymen intact, for cultural or religious tradition reasons, and as a result of an accident the broken hymen may cause severe inconvenience to her.


  • Repairal of Hymen


Hymenoplasty procedure is a minor procedure aims to restore the hymenal tissue and bring it intact. The most successful technique is the combined Laser resection and double folded technique. This procedure will restore the hymen for long term and keep it as it is untouched and unbroken as long as no sexual intercourse or any kind of penetration occurred. It is a safe procedure only between the hands of an experience surgeon with knowledge of the anatomy and how to use the cutting-edge technologies.

At Bader Medical Institute of London, our expert surgeon will consider your case individually and you will have your unique approach as every patient is unique and with different demands and needs.

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Hymenoplasty | Dr. Alex Bader


Frequently Asked Questions

No. The procedure lasts for 30-45 minutes and can be performed with local anaesthesia. The patient can return to her day to day activities immediately, and recovery is immediate.
An average time of 30 days between the operation and the next sexual intercourse is recommended. On the first instance of sexual intercourse following the operation, the hymen will be ruptured / broken once again.
Dr. Bader is an expert in the field of vaginal surgery, cosmetic operations in the vaginal and perineal areas, anatomic malformations of the areas, and urine incontinence. He is an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon with extensive surgical experience, operating in three countries in a regular basis, and elsewhere on request. Dr. Bader is a pioneer in his field and maintains regular presence in international conferences and symposia, where he shares new developments about techniques and procedures with world-class cosmetic surgeons.

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