Laser Anal Bleaching London

Change the colouring of your sensitive area, and remove unwanted darkness in a few sessions!

Our clinic applies exclusively on a world level the innovative technique of anal Bleaching through a minimal invasive Laser application.


  • unwanted darkness

Laser Anal Bleaching

Laser Anal Bleaching aims to permanently remove darker coloured tissues in the soft perianal area or the perineum. Discolouration usually is a result of hormonal changes, age or childbirth. This condition may often be aesthetically annoying.

One of the most popular procedures is anal Bleaching (whitening). It is a non-Invasive Laser application. The procedure is entirely safe and performed under local anaesthesia. It needs three sessions one month apart to get the best results. Once the treatment course finishes, the patient must follow a few instructions using our specific protocol of local creams appliance. The results are impressive and might be changed only in case of pregnancy or hormonal changes in the body.

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    Laser Anal Bleaching | Mr Alex Bader


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Laser Anal bleaching is performed by using a cutting-edge technology Laser. Depending on the case, it will take a few sessions, and each session usually takes 10-15 minutes. The Laser aims to remove the melanin layer, which causes undesirable dark colours. The procedure typically takes place after an appointment, and it will be performed with local anaesthesia only.
    No. Thanks to the "Side to Side" method applied by Mr Alexander Bader, the "scar" formed by the incision is close to completely invisible. In addition, the usage of an advanced Double Wave Laser aims to provide excellent cosmetic results without any scars or bruises existing post-operation.
    Cost is individually quoted depending on each patient's specific needs and conditions. Learn more about pricing.

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