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Clitoral orgasm is the most common among females. Clitoris is an extremely sensitive organ which contains more than 8000 nerve endings! More than 70% of women report “clitoral” and that means they have much easier orgasm when they have clitoral irritation.


  • Clitoral Enhancement
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Under certain circumstances this organ might turn to be not so sensitive as it used to be. The evolution of the medical technology comes to give solution for those women. Injecting the Platelet Rich Plasma “PRP” inside one side of the clitoral body and by freeing the natural growth factors inside the clitoral body would increase the sensitivity of the clitoris. All what we need is 1ml of PRP injected into the clitoral body and another 3-4 ml of the same material injected in the vaginal glans under the urethra. The process is done under local anaesthesia in an office basis. Patients can enjoy the O-Shot® results after few hours from the application and might repeat the treatment after 12 months.

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