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Labia Majora Enhancement with Fat Transfer London

Labia Majora Enhancement with Fat Transfer Before & After

Frequently women are suffering from Labia Majora (Outer Lips) skin relaxation and lose of volume, described as saggy skin or broken balloon shape. This situation might result of ageing, weight loss or a consequence of waxing of the Labia Majora. The last reason is very often, and the appearance is very common among specific women groups who are more familiar with wax hair removal rather than the other options. This saggy skin and loose of fat tissue will results shape alteration of the external genitalia which might be noticeable by the women herself but also by others.


  • Labia Majora Enhancement
  • Labia majora augmentation with fat transfer


Labia Majora Augmentation by Fat Transfer is a procedure aims to enhance and restore the appearance of the Labia Majora (Outer vaginal lips) by restoring the volume by injecting patient’s own fat inside the pocket of the Labia Majora. This impressive procedure focuses on the volume increasement of the Labia Majora. The special technique Dr. Bader performs is invisible scars which will not be detected few weeks after the procedure. Cutting-edge technologies are used from Dr. Bader for the best precise results. Close Pure Graft System is used in this case. This aims to maintain the vitality of the fat cells after the mini liposuction performed by the surgeon. The fat will never come in touch with the environment but also the special net inside the Pure Graf Kit will extremely purify the fat from blood remains and unnecessary tissues. The biggest advantage of this Kit is keeping the fat in a complete sterile environment also gives the surgeon the ability to measure exactly how much pure fat he has in hand for transfer.

Our technique also involves Platelet Rich Plasma “PRP” mixture with the fat. The process is easier than ever thanks to the newest technologies we have in out premises. It takes us 10 minuets to isolate all the good elements “Growth Factors” from the patient’s blood and mix it with the fat in the same close system of Pure Graft. This mixture will increase the number of staying fat cells and the patient will not lose 30 -40% of the transferred fat after few months as happens with the basic Fat Transfer procedures.

At Bader Medical Institute of London, our expert surgeon will consider your case individually and you will have your unique approach as every patient is unique and with different demands and needs.

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